A&A Movers Corp.


A&A MOVERS are your trusted, friendly, strong and bona fide professional movers.You can count on our highly experienced team of specialists to get you all packed, moved, and relocated to your point of destination. We are known for our prompt and friendly services.

With A&A MOVERS we offer both Full Service and Self-Service Moves:

For Full Service Moves we will take care of every aspect of moving for you. We provide the transportation for your belongings, pack, load, drive, and unload at your destination.

Where as Self-Service Moves per customer’s request, we provide the driver and transportation to transport all your goods to its point of destination.
When it comes to moving, all situations are not created equal. That is why we customize and design our services to fit all your moving needs. Whether you’re moving door to door or to the opposite side of the island, our company will gladly move all your belongings with great care. Our HIGHLY experienced Professional Movers are fully trained to handle local and long distance moving. You can count on A&A MOVERS to give you the BEST Superior Service, Professionally, Efficiently, Quickly & Affordably. It doesn’t matter if the job is big or small here at A&A MOVERS we do it all!


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